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Presenting Hope. 

Kevin Polky is the Founder of KP Counseling, the largest counseling agency in the Northern Illinois area. He currently serves as the Executive Director of KP Counseling, as well as Red Oak Counseling, the second largest counseling agency in the Milwaukee-Wisconsin region. Kevin is also the Vice President of Clinical & Cultural Development at Refresh Mental Health, the parent company that manages both counseling agencies.

In addition to his work as a licensed clinical social worker, Kevin founded Four Corners Wellness, which focuses on coaching, consulting and educating. Kevin works with school districts, churches and businesses on topics of mental health, self-care, culture development and team building. His primary focus is to help individuals and organizations live and work to who they were uniquely designed to be.

Kevin is also the Founder and President of Shatter Our Silence, a non-for-profit that raises awareness and educates young adults, their significant others and the professionals that work with them on the factors that lead to young adult suicide.

At every new leg of Kevin’s journey there was a very familiar pattern. It is this pattern, not only in his life, but in the lives of others that Kevin has become particularly fascinated with. Throughout everyone’s journey there are key individuals who play important roles along the way. Individuals who spend hours mentoring, coaching, and holding space for someone to be able to grow and develop along the way.

This idea motivated Kevin to start a podcast called, “The Journey”, where Kevin works to capture ordinary conversations with individuals about personal transformation. Kevin has on a variety of different guests that all share their own personal stories of setbacks, transformation, and self-reflection.

If you’d like to work with Kevin, he welcomes opportunities for interviews, speaking engagements, and media appearances. Please e-mail all inquiries to

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