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Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young adults. In the past two decades, the suicide rate has dramatically increased nationally. These are not just numbers, but people I have known and survivors who have shared their stories of heartache.

What's Different About S.O.S?

"Shatter Our Silence focuses primarily on the significant others, family, friends and family members of individuals that may be in the darkness," says Founder  & Executive Director of S.O.S, Kevin Polky. "We educate so they are more aware of what to do when one of their friend or family member comes to them and they're in the darkness...  together we can prevent suicide."

Why Did Kevin Start S.O.S?

"This all came about when my son, Kaleb and I were at the funeral for the third classmate in less than 5 years as a result of suicide," Kevin says. "Watching the pain in his face– the devastation of his classmates, educators and family members...
I recognized I needed or do more."

How Can You Get Involved in S.O.S?

"There are a multitude of ways that you can become a advocate or ally of  Shatter Our way is donating money or sponsoring an event, another way would be getting involved by volunteering.  The last way, but equally important is knowing the story of S.O.S...and be able to share that story.  We believe at S.O.S that together we can prevent suicide through raising awareness through education, so then those individuals can be full of  that light in other peoples' darkness,"  Kevin Polky, Executive Director & Founder of Shatter Our Silence

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